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Go to Zoe's web site. I'm a singer/songwriter born in Toronto, now living in the woods of Haliburton, Ontario. I've loved Daisy's work for a long time, and finally got to meet her the summer of 2006 when she took part in a concert series in Haliburton that I organized. 'Rats and Welfare' is my commentary on the state of things these days, all the more two years after i wrote it. Thanks to Jonathan, Eddie and Denis for their interpretations, and now Daisy for generously posting it here. Download the Rats And Welfare video !
Zoe Chilco
Virtuoso Jazz/Blues Singer
Download the Rats And Welfare animated video !

Zoe Chilco - music/lyrics/vocals
Jonathan Amitay - animation
Eddie Baltimore - guitar/recording
Denis Keldie - piano/bass/accordion

Tiina Kiik at Bow Lake, NH in
her Mountain Hat
Tiina Kiik, my accordion player has a group of her own called DECONSTRUCTING TIINA. Her deconstructing pals are Bill Parsons on guitar and Blair Mackay on drums & vibraphone. This music is way out there on the edge, instrumental, and featuring the Accordion in new ways. Improv, Astor Piazolas, Canadian composers, & compositions from the boys in the band, is the musical content. And thrilling me to no end, they do one of my songs call Trumpeter Swans. I guess New Music would be the category it falls into, sort of. I call it Classical Contemporary.

Tony Quarrington is the musical thread between me and Tiina and Joe. Tony has played and produced Joe for 25 years..that's where I met him, at Joe's gigs. Tony has been playing with me in my trio with Tiina, and he just produced my new album LIVE EACH DAY WITH SOUL. This project is a departure from my previous albums, in that I will concentrate solely on rhythm & blues and jazz. Tony is the musical director, writing horn and string charts, mandolin quartets and Tony and I co-wrote two pieces dedicated to my Mom, Marjorie DeBolt who passed away this past year. A lot of wonderful musicians involved like: Daniel Lapp on violin & trumpet, Doug Riley on keyboards & hammond B3, George Koller on bass, sitar & vocals, Tony on guitar, mandolin, dobro, banjo, electric autoharp & vocals, the horn section led by Phil Dwyer on tenor sax, Marty Cordrey on drums, Tiina Kiik & Bob Derkach on accordions and many more....... Singing to a horn section a block long, has always been a dream of mine. I've touched it a few times on my last 2 CDs, but this time I totally embraced it. Over the top? Over the edge? Over there? and live off the floor!

Tiina and I also have a trio with Marg Stowe, a monster guitar player I met when I performed with the Womens' Blues Review for The Toronto Blues Society. We played our first gig at Rasputins in Ottawa this spring and had too much fun.

Recent vocals on other artists' albums:

  1. Heartstrings - Willie P. Bennett, produced by Tony Quarrington 1999 Juno Award
  2. The River Grand - Nonie Crete, produced by Glen Soulis 1998
  3. Secret Sessions - with Tiina Kiik, and other artists, produced by Bob Wiseman 1999

  Joe Hall is my most favourite song writer in Canada, and is a power vocalist. I've sat in with him and his players a few times over the years. Tony & Joe asked me to do vocals at their CD launch this past November. Two big rehearsals and his three CDs to listen to, I didn't have to wing it. There's a concept! So now I am an official member of Joe Hall &The Continental Drift. I'd like to be known as the Prairie Drifter, I just drifted in! I am quite beside myself, Joe and the boys are nutso, irreverent, and play the most beautiful ballads you'll ever hear. I finally get to sing on Los Hablos Telephonos....We'll be playing Hamilton Festival of Friends and the Peterborough Folk festival this summer in August.

Linda Rogers my poet pal has a new book out called
the broad canvas - portraits of women by women
with photographs by Barbara Pedrick, published by Sono Nis Press,
and I'm in it!

..."WHAT WOULD HAPPEN," the poet Muriel Rukeyser wrote, "if one woman told the truth about her life?" This was a question that began to haunt me as women I knew billowed into maturity, some of them lighter than air, going on to the last freedom. I though others would be interested in the lives of mature women and began to take dictation. The Broad Canvas has been a collaborative process between myself, Barbara Pedrick, and the subjects themselves, drawn from the broad canvas of Canadian life...Linda Rogers


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