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Daisy DeBolt is Canada's queen of avant-garde. Whether she's playing mandolin, accordion or guitar, her songs and music swing widely across every genre and style. From gospel to polka, folk, country, blues and jazz, there is no one musical category that can contain this remarkable woman's talent.

“Folk Diva” is an apt title for someone with a career that’s spanned over thirty years in the Canadian music business, from those very first coffee houses, to acclaim with the first superstar Canadian group, Fraser & DeBolt, to the large and small festivals that dot the Canadian summer landscape, to the smoky clubs and bars where singers ply their trade.

One could expect that Daisy DeBolt would have some stories to tell about her years in the business. Indeed, she’s got a million, and she tells them all in her songs, those tales of life in the sun and the darkness, of the pain and joy of survival, of the people and places that she has met and experienced. There’s nothing left to wonder about Daisy DeBolt’s music. She lays it all out there for all to hear and feel. There’s a whole lot of living and “lived” in a Daisy DeBolt performance.

That voice that can blast its way through the gloom, that can, soar, dip, and dive with the same emotional charge and excitement today as back in those early continent-hopping beginnings, has stunned audiences and critics alike. There isn’t a part of Canada that hasn’t felt the power of Daisy DeBolt’s music, from the wilds of the Rockies to the shining seas to the rugged Northern Ontario mining country to the flatland of the Manitoba prairie.

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And how appropriate that Daisy brings it all back to her Winnipeg home after so many years in Ontario with the release of her latest recording,”Live Each Day With Soul”, a heartfelt tribute to her late mother, Marjorie DeBolt, a longtime and noted Winnipeg musician. Recorded in Toronto, Daisy romps her way through hard rockin’ blues, breaks your heart with the tender “Cry Me A River”, dangles some Michael Ondaatje poetry out there, absolutely nails the tragedy and hope of the late and great Lenny Breau (an early guitar teacher) on “Lenny’s Song”, and poses the question all singers need to ask: “Do I Have To Live The Blues?”

“Live Each Day With Soul”, another of critically acclaimed recordings (“I Can”, “ Just Mountain Songs”, “Soul Stalking”) fulfills a longtime dream of Daisy to work with some of Canada’s finest musicians. The record brings it all home for Daisy – gig with the best, sing as only she can, defy genre categorization just as she has done for years herself, and tell her mom finally that, yes, it was all “good enough for a jazz, mom”.


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