Daisy - vocals, mandolin     Bob Derkach - accordion

Back To The Sugar Camp
Live Performance
and Interview

Recorded live
at CIUT 89.5 FM
by Steve Fruitman

"If someone is really serious about Canadian musicians and what makes them tick they should purchase this CD. I was totally blown away. As host on a radio show for 13 years I get involved in the on-air production so much that I often miss the vibe being produced. I mean, I'm always there enjoying myself, but it isn't until I listen back to the show that I understand the feel it's produced. But this show was flawless, I was really in the Sugar Camp and the radio was just a conduit into the rest of the world. Daisy and Bob took me there and I couldn't do a thing about it."
- Steve Fruitman (host of "Back To The Sugar Camp")

Back To The Sugar Camp  
  1. Intro - Steve Fruitman; theme music - Back to the Sugar Shack, Ward Allan Trio, 1961 1:29
  2. Skeena & Mandolin Gal - D.M. DeBolt / JMS CD104 8:57
  3. Interview
    Steve, Daisy & Bob 10:35
  4. Mountain Folk - Live - D.M. DeBolt & Bob Derkach 3:07
  5. Interview
    Steve, Daisy & Bob 1:10
  6. B.C.Mountain Suite 1965 - D.M. DeBolt & Bob Derkach / JMS CD104 2:35
  7. Interview
    Steve, Daisy & Bob 5:09
  8. Mandolin Gal - Live - D.M. DeBolt 3:58
  9. Interview / Outro - Steve, Daisy & Bob 2:18

Live Performance & Interview CIUT 89.5 FM - August 31st, 2000

Back to the Sugar Camp
August 31st, 2000

The 11th Annual Porcupine Awards 2000
O F F   B E A T   A W A R D
Interview & Live Performance

with Host Steve Fruitman,
CIUT 89.5 FM

Executive Producer - Daisy DeBolt. Recorded live at CIUT FM radio by Steve Fruitman. Digital editing by Marg Stowe. Album design - Daisy DeBolt & Marg Stowe. Photo by Glen Soulis

  This performance was recorded live on August 31, 2000 direct from the board at CIUT 89.5 FM. This was the official world wide launch of the JUST MOUNTAIN SONGS album. We apologize for the rough & ready recording approach. It is what it is. Golden moments

Editor's note: Selections from Just Mountain Songs appear "as is", as they were played during the radio show, not as they appear on the actual CD. Some noise reduction was used on this project but no equalization. Some distortion and tape hiss are present, and the tracks were best left 'as is'.

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